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I purchased a 2006 Ford Fusion from Wholesale Outlet after being promised that all problems with the car would be fixed. They said they would have to sell the car to me "as is" since they just got the car in and hadn't inspected it yet. My salesman, Eric, told my girlfriend, her son and I not to worry about it because we purchased a warranty with our financing. Therefore, all things wrong with the car would be fixed as discussed on Thursday. It was Saturday. 

Two days later, the transmission on the car died. I asked Eric if everything could be fixed so I wouldn't have to waste any more time with no vehicle. He agreed that everything would be fixed. When I went to pick up my car, that was not true. Only thing that was fixed was the transmission. The car was still dirty inside and out from the prior owner, the check engine light was still on, there was still no passenger side mirror, the scratches and headlight fog still needed to be buffed out and the manifold still had a crack in it. The salesman wasn't there and the manager tried to tell me that the only thing supposed to be fixed was the transmission and I bought the car "as is." Mind you, I have 3 witnesses and text messages saved that prove these things are supposed to be fixed. I would never buy an overpriced and broken car. I called Eric and he said he'd take care of it first thing in the morning. 

The next time I took my car in, I got the same service after being promised by Eric that everything would be done once for all. After getting the keys, I go out and the mirror is on, not brand new like stated and has 2" square section of scratches dead center of the mirror, the car still hasn't been detailed and the car stalls out. I go get the manager and he says nothing is wrong with the car. He takes the keys from me, gets in and starts it. The car almost stalls so he just pulls off and leaves the lot with my car. He comes back a few minutes later and says it's fine. I said you just saw it almost stall out before you took off. He said nothing's wrong with it and cursed at me. At that moment, I lost all respect for Wholesale Outlet. 

I took my car in two weeks ago and supposedly they are fixing everything on the car. I asked the tech, Jim to see the work order to make sure everything was on there and he said he hadn't wrote it up yet. Then proceeded to give me an attitude and say that he doesn't have to give me the loaner car if I acted like that. I asked what he was talking about and he said, "oh, nevermind, it's ok, it's ok." That scared me because the way he changed his attitude was very sinister. A few days ago, I asked Eric why it was taking so long after being told it would be done a week prior, he got an attitude and reverted back to the "you bought the car as is" statement. I would've never bought the car if he never made a verbal and textual contract to fix these things. He said that they are fixing everything and that's what is taking so long. I hope so. They've had the car three times and each time took a week to fix one thing. This time it's two weeks. It better be fixed once and for all so we don't have to even speak or think about each other. 

I've been making payments on the car for two months and it's been on their lot more than its been in my driveway. This is very poor business and I've had it. I bought the car for my birthday and was told that it would be fixed before then and now it's almost two months after my birthday with no results. All I can do is pray that they will blow my mind with the beautiful, perfect car that I was promised. I've always bought cars from private owners and now I regret stepping onto Wholesale Outlet's lot. Never again. If you plan on doing business with this horrible company… do yourself a favor and DON'T! They promise you the world and you barely get a grain of sand. They promise CarFax, which is supposedly standard with all contracts, says Eric and you never receive them. They promise you... well, you get the point. From one "consumer" to another... Find a better dealership with certified vehicles that isn't as shady as this place. 

Good luck! I hope it's better than mine. 

Disclaimer: This whole review is the absolute truth. I have three witnesses from the date of sale, text messages between myself and Eric and I also have recorded conversations with employees of Wholesale Outlet. My attorney had me put that into place after the whole "you bought it as is" situation. 

UPDATE: Received my car back two and a half weeks later. The second day out the check engine light came on. I called the technician, Jim, and he won't return my call. The car's idle is rough all over again and stalls out when I start the car. I've lost all faith in the wholesale outlet. The detail was horrible. There's still spilled yogurt or something nasty inside a door handle still, consoles are not clean, there's a thick layer of shiny stuff on the dashboard, they left wax all over the car which took an hour to hand buff off, they didn't buff the scratches or headlight fog, they took my steering wheel cover, saved all the radio presets to rock and country and you can't see the radio screen anymore, order says they only drove 52 miles to verify fix but the odometer says around 19 times as much, and I can't just get in my car and go. I tried to start the car and just leave yesterday but the car just started sputtering and jerking. I had to put it in park and rev it a few times before I could roll off normally. I had the manifold and transmission looked at by a mechanic and he says neither one is new, which is funny because the order form says they put new parts on my car. hey, a lie is a lie. That's not good business. Only good thing about this last visit was that Eric gave me mats like he and the ad promised. Yes, that's nice but I still have to ask... why me?? I just wanted a beautiful and reliable car to take me to work. I have never dealt with dealerships before because I didn't trust them more than the "average Joe" and the wholesale outlet just proved that theory. I should've checked on their background before doing business with them because now I'm finding out that many other people have had similar situations with them. Promises that aren't kept and vehicles that constantly fail. I've seen their lots and they usually have nice looking vehicles so I chose to deal with them. Unfortunately, you can't judge a book by it's cover. 

Review about: 2006 Ford Fusion.



First rule of buying a car - if you don't have it in writing on the actual sale contract, it didn't happen.NEVER take a car salesperson's verbal or "text" promise that they'll fix something or anything else.

They'll say whatever they have to in order to get you to sign and pay. I agree that this dealership is obviously shady, but remember - caveat emptor!

I recommend reading everything on carbuyingtips.com before buying a car.It helped me immensely!

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